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Elevate your water heating experience with the eco-friendly charm of Wood Fired Water Heaters, proudly offered by Surya Urja Systems. As a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, we present an innovative way to heat water using the power of nature's oldest fuel – wood.

Our Wood Fired Water Heaters are meticulously designed to blend modern convenience with traditional principles. By harnessing the energy from burning wood, these heaters ensure a continuous supply of hot water without compromising on environmental responsibility. This efficient system not only caters to your domestic hot water needs but also significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

A wood-fired water heater is a type of water heater that uses wood as a fuel source to heat water for residential or commercial use. It consists of a firebox, a water tank, and a chimney.

At Surya Urja Systems, we prioritize efficiency and durability. Our Wood Fired Water Heaters are crafted using high-quality materials that withstand the test of time and the elements. The seamless integration of advanced technology guarantees optimal performance and safety, offering you peace of mind as you enjoy the soothing warmth of hot water.

Our Wood fired water heater are supplied with chimney stand, chimney cover, ash cleaning rod, fire grate as the standard accessories. For Commercial Models dial thermometer, smoke collector & pressure relief tapping are provided

Why Wood Fired Water Heater ?

Why Surya Urja's Wood Fired Water Heater? With our commitment to quality, we offer a one-year full value guarantee. If the tank leaks within the first year of installation, you'll enjoy the peace of mind knowing we'll provide either free repair or a complete replacement, ensuring your investment is protected.

Model Capicity (Ltrs) Hot Water Connection (1/2") No. of Maximum Person Cold Water Inlet Hot Water Outlet C Dia (mm) D Height (mm) Weight (Kgs)
SUS-40 40 1 1 to 4 1" 1/2" 315 1080 60
SUS-60 60 1/2 5 to 7 1" 1/2" 315 1370 70
SUS-80 80 2/3 8 to 12 1" 1/2" 315 1680 85
SUS-100 100 4 13 to 15 1" 1/2" 350 1720 110
SUS-150 150 5 16 to 25 1" 1" 410 1800 140
SUS-225 225 6 to 10 26 to 50 2" 2" 515 1800 215
SUS-300 300 11 to 15 51 to 150 2" 2" 530 2130 260
SUS-500 500 16 to 30 151 to 250 2" 2" 670 2350 330
SUS-700 700 31 to 50 251 to 500 2" 2" 780 2350 425
SUS-1000 1000 51 to 80 501 to 800 2" 2" 950 2350 600

Advantages & Feature

Top Feature of Wood Fired Water Heater

  • Works on Inexpensive Fuels like Firewood, Charcoal, Agriculture & Garden Waste, Coconut Shells etc.
  • Hot Water within 10 to 15 Minutes only.
  • Cuts down the fuel cost upto 1/10th of electricity.
  • No need to pump for lifting hot water from water heater. It works on syphon basis, hence hot water will reach up to the cold water tank.
  • Easy to Install, Operate & No Maintenance.
  • No use of electricity, hence 100% safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Fired Water Heater FAQs

A wood-fired water heater uses the heat generated from burning wood, charcoal, agricultural waste, or other biomass fuels to heat water stored in a tank. The heat is transferred to the water, providing a reliable source of hot water for various applications.

Wood-fired water heaters are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and reliable. They can be powered by inexpensive fuels, provide hot water quickly, and significantly reduce energy costs compared to electric water heaters.

It's generally not recommended to use wood-fired water heaters indoors due to the risk of smoke, fumes, and potential fire hazards. These heaters are typically designed for outdoor or well-ventilated areas.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the combustion chamber, chimney, and ash removal. It's crucial to inspect for any signs of wear or rust and ensure proper ventilation. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is essential for safe and efficient operation.

Yes, wood-fired water heaters can provide hot water during power outages since they don't rely on electricity. They are a dependable source of hot water when electricity is unavailable, making them suitable for areas with frequent power disruptions.

Applications & Usage

Applications of Wood Fired Water Heater

Residential Complex




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