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Introducing the Gas Fired Water Heater – your gateway to instant and efficient hot water solutions. At Surya Urja Systems, we offer cutting-edge gas-fired water heaters that combine convenience and energy efficiency seamlessly. With our advanced technology, you can enjoy a consistent and immediate supply of hot water for all your daily needs.

Fully automatic gas-fired water heaters are energy-efficient and can provide a constant supply of hot water on demand, making them a popular choice for households and businesses. They can be sized to fit a range of needs, from small residential units to large commercial units.

Say goodbye to waiting for the water to heat up; our gas-fired water heaters ensure that hot water is available on demand, making your daily routines smoother and more comfortable. Designed to save both space and energy, our water heaters are built to deliver exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Gas Fired Water Heater Feature
Model Capacity (Liters) No. of 1/210 Hot Water Connections No. of Persons (User) Cold Water Inlet Opening Hot Water Outlet Opening Diameter (Feet) Height (Feet)
050 Ltr. 1 to 2 2 to 4 1" 1" 1'-3" 4'-4"
100 Ltr. 2 to 3 5 to 7 1" 1" 1'-3" 5'-0"
150 Ltr. 4 to 5 8 to 10 1" 1" 1'-4" 6'-1"
255 Ltr. 6 to 10 11 to 13 2" 2" 2'-0" 6'-3"
300 Ltr. 11 to 15 14 to 20 2" 2" 2'-0" 7'-3"
500 Ltr. 16 to 30 21 to 30 2" 2" 2'-3" 7'-3"
700 Ltr. 31 to 50 31 to 45 2" 2" 2'-9" 7'-3"

Why Gas Fired Water Heater ?

Gas-fired water heaters are favored for their rapid heating, cost-efficiency, continuous hot water supply, and precise temperature control. Their reliability, energy efficiency, and suitability for various applications, from households to commercial settings, make them a practical choice.

Advantages & Feature

Top Feature of Gas Fired Water Heater

  • Highly Energy efficient puff insulation significantly minimizes losses.
  • The Flue baffle maximizes heat absorption in the flue tube by minimizing air movement in the heater.
  • Fully Automatic control shuts of the gas, once the pilot burner is extinguished either by operator or by accident.
  • Imported energy saving gas control and cut-off mechanizes ensure absolute safety.
  • Three convenient thermostat setting at your finger tips (Warm, Hot, and Very Hot).
  • Simple robust construction using heavy gauge steel tanks for longer life.
  • The size of water connection provided ensures full-flow delivery to the fixture.
  • No need of any hazardous electrical controls.
  • Innertank is coated with anti corrosive paint.
  • Accordingly you get water at pre-set temperature throughout 24 hrs. A day. No need to fire or extinguish the burner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gas Fired Water Heater FAQs

A fully automatic gas-fired water heater is a type of water heater that operates on natural gas or propane. It differs from other water heaters by its ability to automatically regulate temperature, ignition, and water flow, ensuring a seamless and efficient hot water supply without manual adjustments.

Fully automatic gas-fired water heaters are known for their energy efficiency, often surpassing other types of water heaters. They heat water quickly and only use gas when hot water is needed, reducing energy waste and lowering utility bills.

Yes, fully automatic gas-fired water heaters are safe for residential use when properly installed and maintained. They come equipped with safety features, such as temperature controls and flame failure devices, to ensure safe operation.

Routine maintenance includes checking for gas leaks, ensuring proper ventilation, and cleaning or replacing filters as needed. It's advisable to have a professional inspect and service your gas water heater annually to maintain its efficiency and safety.

Yes, fully automatic gas-fired water heaters can provide hot water during power outages because they don't rely on electricity for ignition or heating. This feature makes them a reliable source of hot water when electricity is unavailable.

Applications & Usage

Applications of Gas Fired Water Heater

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